Hi! Welcome to the wiki! Here, you may create monsters or come up with your own cryptids! Some pages may revolve around Trevor Henderson, so make sure at least some of your content relates around him. Thank you! And as always, credit images to their owners.


  • Do not be mean towards other users for no reason.
  • No sockpuppeting.
  • No fearmongering.
  • No necrobumping.
  • Do not vandalize pages.
  • Have fun!

Hello, Please Read!

Hi, you must be a newcomer, or a person who occasionally visits this wiki, welcome to the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki. I can't edit the main page of this wiki, so I'm editing this template to talk to you guys. I just want to mention, that this wiki is NOT a Trustworthy Wiki, as it's CONSTANTLY getting vandalized by anonymous users that, since we do not have any active admins, we cannot deal with. We highly recommend that while we try to get a hold of new ownership, you should visit the Trevor Henderson Database for good, unvandalized information. Apologies for the inconvenience, hope you have a good day.

Important Note:
Please keep in mind that both BattleStation and WeirdWojak have retired from Fandom and are sadly not coming back. Please keep in mind though that Aweirdgamer1 is signing up to adopt the wiki (meaning that'll soon he'll be the current owner of the wiki), so please don't do anything bad during our wait for a new owner, and please don't worry. If you have a problem, please message Aweirdgamer about your situation, and he'll respond most of the time. Thank you.
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