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(Known as "Alien Tripods") The Tripodisians are the main antagonists of Steven Spielberg's 2005 movie, called "War of The Worlds".

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The Tripodis Fighting Machines has two windshields that are on both sides of the dome-like head, a dozen or more tentacles that can be retracted, two heat rays, bendable legs which connect to the wrist or ankles of the tripod that have three fingers or toes, and three headlights on the front, with one massive headlight. In the movie itself, there has shown to be three different types of tripods, one of which lacks tentacles and instead only has heat rays, while the other has their tentacles deployed and visible cages on the under-behind of their hood, but with the third model shown later in the film as it has Four headlights along with the central massive headlight leading to the design of it more Heavy-duty as it used both tentacles and heat-rays. For each tentacle, it has at least one camera probe.Their horn is a deep-foghorn noise to the "ULLA", similar to the "ALOO!" of the book. Like the other adaptations, this tripod has an energy shield. It possessed two sprayers on its sides, which fertilize the surrounding area with red weed. Their walk was inspired by the red-eyed tree fog when it walks. also they can have smaller handeler machines from the great [REDACTED] war

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The Tripodisians have two minute arms hanging to their chest, two long, skinny arms with three fingers on each hand, and one leg. The heads are shaped in triangles, which resembles their Tripods. Their eyes are black, and they have two sets of sharp teeth. They also appear to be highly intelligent.

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On January 4, 2154. The all stormy after the arrival of the Tripodisians due to the storm that brought them here in the first place. The invasion started while Tripodisians killing humans.

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10/10 Unknown.

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  • It is evidently taller than any other adaptation (150 feet tall to be exact), besides the 1953 designs of the war machine. In this adaptation, the tripods have been waiting beneath under the ground for countless years to be activated by the returning aliens.

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Tripodisian War Machine's horn noises

Tripod Sound from War of the Worlds 2005 (

Tripodisian War Machine walking

War of the Worlds Tripod Machine Sound (skip to 8s)

Tripodisian War Machine makes a Red Weed with a deep noise

Sound Effect - War of the worlds

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