*Emergency storm warning.* All residents, please remain indoors and wait for further dispatches.
~ A Tumblr caption about the Wandering Faith.

*Storm warning* Please stay inside until further notice unless you or a loved one has been pre-chosen.
~ A caption of possible image of Wandering Faith.

The Wandering Faith, often called Day 17 is a giant creature made by Trevor Henderson.


The Wandering Faith seems to be a 10-km creature, as shown in the first image, where it appears in a city. In the second photo, it appears again, this time, in a foggy and movement road, only showing its legs and appendages. According to the first photo, its skin color is Black With Grey.Trivia

  • The monster's tentacle-like appendages are said to be used to carry believers towards heaven.
  • The Wandering Faith is one of the Giants, sometimes called the Storm Creatures, as The Giants only appear in stormy days.
  • The reason behind its name is due to its way of eating its victims. It's basically using the tentacles of its neck to pull people up to its mouth similar to "believers" moving towards "heaven".
  • The Giants' purpose is beyond "our understanding".
  • Trevor also confirmed that the Giants have their own universe, separate from all the other creatures he made.
  • The "Storm Creatures" are theorized to come from heaven to grab believers. We can back up this theory in that the caption for one of the photos says "Please stay inside unless you or a loved one have been chosen." We could conclude that The Wandering Faith and The Birdwatcher roam Earth in search of those who are pure.
  • The real name is the wandering faith, not day 17. It was a fan-made name before the name was confirmed



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