She saw the lamb because she couldn’t sleep and had noticed the backyard security lights had clicked on. The lamb was standing motionless right where she’d buried Stanley, beside the shrubs. No eyes, but she could feel it glaring accusingly as it turned in her direction. It stank.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Lamb is a very unknown and mysterious creature of Trevor Henderson.

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The Lamb appears to be a fleshy, four-legged creature, with its legs hanging down from its body, like noodles. Most of the time, it is seen floating in mid-air. Its body is made out of some sort of fleshy, vein-like string, and the "strings" appear to be tangled into one another. It is unknown if the large hole in what seems to be the head of the creature is an eye, or some sort of mouth.

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  • When someone on Instagram asked what does The Lamb do? Trevor Henderson replied with "Massive Psychic Damage."  This response might explain why the creature can levitate off the ground.
  • When someone on Tumblr asked "If i saw The Lamb, what would i do? run or shoot it?" Trevor replied "It's a metaphysical entity so bullets wouldn't do anything. Run before its' presence gives you a blood clot or gravity reverses."
  • The Lamb is actually a Lil Nugget , grown from Big Charlie meat chunks, that has been cursed by some curse, and instead grew to be hostile instead of friendly.
  • Unlike Lil Nugget, The Lamb does not crave crackers, but instead craves human flesh, or possibly, your organs as well...

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The Lamb has multiple subspecies, either due to rapid mutation or some unknown force. New subspecies are caught frequently, with some being bigger or smaller than the normal variation.

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