The Garbager is a creature that is attracted to garbage.

Appearance Edit

It is a quadruped creature and has a red, possibly bloody face with dark holes for a mouth and eyes. Its skin seems to be a dark gray and it is unclear if it has fur or not. It stands on four legs, as if it were a dog or cat.

Personality Edit

It seems to mean well as it brings random gifts it finds as it goes from person to person taking their trash.

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Trivia Edit

Trevor Henderson has stated that if you put out rotten food it will bring you gifts. Some of these gifts might include:

Shiny rocks, aluminium foil, fruit peels arranged in pleasing ways, sea shells (no matter how far from water you are), bones, feathers, bottle caps and a single glove.

When someone on Instagram asked "Are diamonds included in the shiny rocks?" Trevor replied "Yes but he doesn't know what diamonds are so it's random. "Another user also asked Trevor, "If i give him enough will he bring me 2 gloves?" and he replied "Yes but they won't match."

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