The Foreseers is a post-invasion institution that developed from continuity of government of the pre-invasion federal government of Canada, frequently styling itself as the Dominion of Canada.They are one of the largest (known) resistance forces in the "New world", with a current estimated populace of 554,000. They are comprised of members of the U.S and Canadian government, including a mix of normal civilians and military.

The Foreseers are known for their wide array of underground bunkers, many of which are used to house the humans of the surface. Much of the residents occupying the bunkers are refugees trying to escape the ongoing war between worlds, many of which succeed with the help of each shelters current occupants. However, many lives from both the Canadian and U.S military were lost protecting the lives of the innocents, leaving most bases low on staff. The majority of military staff were reduced by 85%, with number increasing steadily as the amount is thinned out.


Despite the Foreseers prowess, there are a limited amount at its disposal, with a team working with each division. Many of the

Countless facilities became home to famine, clean clothes would also become harder and harder to find.


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