Eyes in the dark

The eyes in the attic are a group of small creatures that can resemble dogs, malformed humans, lizards, snakes, and cats. They are completely black with glowing white eyes. They are benevolent, they appear with Long Horse to help warn humans. They are small, only about 6 inches to 3 feet, but they have psychic powers. They are able to conglomerate into a massive form that resembles Siren Head. They use this ability to fight alongside Long Horse against major threats like Siren Head. Humans perceive the Eyes in the Attic as just a group of white dots, but with night-vision goggles their shape is revealed. According to the Wave System, it is Wave 1 because they have powers, but they use them to warn humans. Even though they're low on the Scale, they're appearing more often. That means something catastrophic is coming...

Wave Arrival

A man was about to clean out the attic of a school in Illinois, when he discovered a group of eyes in the attic. They started to whisper, "beware" and "prepare for the worst". The man called the authorities. When they came, the Eyes said to all of them the same messages. Further research was conducted, and the Eyes started appearing throughout dark attics in the world. This signified the start of Wave 1. Later, during Waves 5 and 6, the Eyes showed themselves once more, this time in a form that resembled Siren Head. They started to fight off against threats like Siren Head, The Barghest, and Cartoon Cat to name a few.

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