The Angel is a creature that Trevor Henderson has not released any lore about except for the two images of the monster.

Appearance Edit

The Angel appears to be almost skeletal in nature. Its face, like a skull, has hollow holes replacing its eyes, nose, and mouth. Its somewhat fleshy rib cage is always seen distorted in a way that enables it to break apart and grab onto door frames like arms, the way it is always seen standing in doorways. The rib cage spreads in a tentacle-like way, somewhat resembling tree roots. Other than that, the rest of its body is a thin, almost skeletal humanoid frame. It is most likely called an angel due to the fact that its rib cage looks almost like the wings of an angel.

Personality Edit

There is not much that can be said about it here, but it is seen gripping the edges of a door frame with its "tentacles" as it stands in the middle of it. No one but Trevor Henderson himself knows why The Angel is always seen doing this but we'll just have to wait and see.

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No Inspiration.

Trivia Edit

The Angel is known to commonly be found in sewers. The first ever evidence of this came from an expedition to find cryptids of this nature.

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