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  • Can you please paste following text to this link: w:c:villains:Heffalumps (2018)?

    Heffalumps are supporting antagonists of Disney's 2018 live-action movie Christopher Robin.


    They first appeared at the beginning of the film (in illustration style) when Pooh was falling asleep and dreaming about Heffalumps.

    In the middle part of the film where Christopher Robin and Pooh were in the woods where the sign said about Heffalumps and Woozles, Christopher Robin tried to tell him that Heffalumps and Woozles aren't real, but Pooh, believing they are, caused them to follow his and Christopher's foosteps instead of following Christopher's compass (which pointed to the sign's direction), causing Christopher to yell him, leaving Pooh so hurt that he left Christopher Robin alone. Christopher then searched for Pooh and ended up falling and getting him trapped in a trap meant for Heffalumps an Woozles. After trying to escape and getting unconcious, it suddenly started to rain and the trap were Christopher Robin was trapped began to flod. While unconcious, Christopher had a dream in it where a Heffalump kidnaps him. The Heffalump resembles a real elephant a lot more than the ones in the original.

    Later, when Christopher saw his old toy friends whom he didn't see for years and maybe decades, they didn't recognize Christopher, and they thought he's a Heffalump. They also told that only Christopher Robin knows how to defeat Heffalump, so he (with Eeyore's help) acted like he's fighting Heffalump (because he wanted that his friends know he's Christopher), and Eeyore imitated Heffalump's sounds. When Christopher acted like he won a battle with Heffalump, all toys believed that he's the real Christopher, and were happy because Christopher "finally defeated Heffalump".

    At the end of movie, when Christopher was with his wife, daughter, Pooh and other toy friends at Winslow's luggage, he mentioned that he isn't afraid of Heffalumps and Woozles anymore. Giles Winslow Sr. told: "Let's adress Heffalump in the room, shall we"? That's the mostly like parody on "Let's adress Elephant in the room", because Heffalumps are based on elephants.

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