The rash of disappearances had two commonalities: It was always people walking the side streets on their way home from work, from some social outing, and it was always dark by the time people started wondering where they were. It was always past when the street lights come on.
~ Trevor Henderson

The n adult male and 3-4 (9-13 ft) for an adult female with the maximum being 6.5 meters(21 ft) for a male and 5.2(17 ft) for a female. Each gender has an arm span of 30-36 meters (9-10.9 ft).

The skin of a Head Light is mostly gray. Its thickness allows the animal to endure bites or scratches from other aggressive creatures. Its skin may serve as a chemical defense, as its parasite repellents give the animal a characteristic scent. At least 11 main aromatic chemicals are in its skin, although indole and 3-methylindole are responsible for most of the smell. Because the males have a stronger odor than the females, the odor may also have sexual function.

"Bulb" and Functionality


3D Model of a Head Light

The Head Light, unlike what its name suggests, does not actually have a head. Its "head" is a mix of multiple unknown elements that make it near impossible to destroy by normal means. It is theorized, however, that the main components involved are some type of hard light compound. The reasoning comes from the Head Light's "bulb" and its ability to produce light consistently after death. Its "bulb" produces a light source different from normal bioluminescence but eerily resembles a high-intensity gas-discharge bulb seen in modern street lights. The head light "bulb" has currently never been able to be destroyed or scratched by any modern means, it is also classified as Non-Decaying due to it not being able to break down as no organic matter exists. Currently, it is illegal to have any form of a "bulb", as the effects on the body are not yet studied, if found return to local authorities. Do not keep or disperse any of these items as you may be punished by life in prison or even capital punishment.

A "bulb" has many uses for a Head Light, as it can vary for both defense or offense capabilities. A "Bulb" can create a flashing pattern of quick succession similar to that of a stroboscopic lamp, or strobe lights. This can be very disorienting upon direct eye contact, as it can leave you in a state of Flash blindness. The Head Light has multiple signals that allow you to predict when it will start beginning its pattern.


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