It wasn't there when we took the photo. But all through the night, I could hear a dog pacing the halls. I could picture it, stopping outside each door to cock its head and listen, waiting for someone to open their door.
~ The caption on the original Good boy image.

Good Boy is a creature originating from a twitter post in 2018.

Appearance Edit

Good Boy appears to be a dog-like creature with jet-black fur and a mortified expression. It has foggy bluish eyes with no pupils and a gaping mouth with no teeth, tongue, or uvula. Its nose is not at all similar to that of a dogs, it resembles a skeleton's. In fact, nothing is dog-like about its wrinkled face.

It has long legs and its "feet" appear to be stubbed.

Personality Edit

Good Boy appears to be evil, as its own name seems to be scribbled out in the second photo. The caption for his original photo suggests that it enjoys wandering in random places (the description suggests this place could be a hotel or residential area), it is thought to listen outside someone's door, waiting for them to be unfortunate enough to open it. It is unknown why it does this; if this is some sort of hunting tactic, or if it is simply just curious. None of its goals are currently known right now.

Trivia Edit

  • A response from Trevor on a tweet of the Good Boy implies that it has some relation to static noises. However, as the reply that Trevor responded to is unavailable, it is unknown what the actual context is.
  • It is unknown what are the intentions and goals of the Good Boy. It is possible it wants to enter people's homes so it can kill them.
  • It could be a curious monster or even an amoral predator possibly looking for food. Regardless, it does not have a clear moral agency.
  • One day, Trevor started releasing artworks of many of his monsters as patron saints and Cartoon Cat and Good Boy were one of the many creatures, but compared to the others, they weren't called patron saints and didn't have the sun like symbols behind them. It is unknown why they didn't have these features.
  • Some people started theorizing that Cartoon Cat and Good Boy are connected.
  • When an anonymous user asked Trevor what Good Boy is on his Tumblr, Trevor replied "Not a dog".
  • A theory from Ancient Horror states that it actually is a Good Boy, and it is just misunderstood, and it is another version of Anubis, who guides people to the after life. He also says that the reason it’s name is scribbled out is because someone thought it was scary and scribbled “Good Boy“ out.


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