"Big Charlie" escapes from the meat processing plant.
~ Trevor Henderson

Big Charlie is a particularly strange one of Trevor Henderson's creations, partly because not much is known about it. He is also SCP-4158 by the SCP Foundation.


Big Charlie is a large mammal-like creature, it resembles some sort of cattle, yet, at the same time, it has a beak-like protrusion on the tip of its mouth. Its body is so skinny that that you can see its ribcage. It also has a thick dark mane that goes from its head to the back of the creature. Its eyes appear to be foggy, which might indicate that the creature is blind, though in most depictions he does have normal eyes. Its legs are very lengthy compared to its body and it seems as if its legs can barely support its weight. Big Charlie is around 20-30 feet tall.


According to Trevor Henderson's Tumblr post, it is said that he escaped a meat-processing plant. Meaning he is some sort of animal made out of meat possibly.


  • The pieces of meat that drops from Big Charlie turns into Lil Nugget, then becomes The Lamb or Void Nugget.
  • Though it might look like a scary creature, it is sometimes pretty harmless to humans.
  • Big Charlie was being hunted by humans for meat, but then escaped the facility. And is on the run for survival.
  • Big Charlie is also Proposed as SCP-4158. Trevor Henderson later confirmed that Big Charlie is an SCP. Proof is here.


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